Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cases of Unethical Business: A Malignant Mentality of Mendacity

The book, Cases of Unethical Business: A Malignant Mentality of Mendacity, presents a number of cases of unethical conduct at American companies in several industries, along with some cases from other regions of the world for comparative perspective. A variety of industries are represented so to evince a common denominator lurking beneath specific instances of unethical conduct in business. The emphasis here is not on ethical decision-making, for it does not go deep enough. Rather, the underlying mentality out of which the decisions come is to be unearthed to be examined in the light of day. The mentality can be characterized as a mendacious narcissism having little or no regard for other people or institutions; yet even this characterization is incomplete, for a certain presumptuousness or even arrogance is can also be discerned in the cases. The mentality can be deemed to be inherently unethical in itself, regardless of whether any ensuing sordid conduct ensues.

The book, Cases of Unethical Business, can be obtained in print or as an ebook at Amazon.com.