Monday, September 15, 2014

The Scottish Referendum: A Political Analysis

Any political analysis of the Scottish referendum on secession from Britain should include not only the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Westminster, but also other large E.U. states and even the E.U. powers at the federal level. Such an analysis may leave the cynic wondering whether the question could even conceivably be decided by the Scots themselves—so much being on the line for state and federal officials and their respective institutions.

How much say do the voters really have? Are they actually pawns being moved without their knowledge? Perhaps large vested interests are the real deciders. David Cheskin (AP)

that keeping the British pound would be incompatible with “sovereignty.”[7] I would not be surprised to learn that Westminster was behind this timely warning to the Scots.  

The full essay is at "Essays on the E.U. Political Economy," available at Amazon.